Welcome to the corporate site for Edinburgh's 12 major Festivals and their strategic umbrella organisation Festivals Edinburgh. Here, you will find out more about Edinburgh's world-famous Festivals, and how they work in innovative partnership with each other and key strategic partners to maintain and develop their, and the Festival city's, competitive edge.

Festivals Edinburgh is the high-level organisation created in 2007 by the Directors of Edinburgh’s 12 major festivals to lead on their joint strategic development and...read more

Festivals Edinburgh is a uniquely collaborative organisation: created and driven by the collective ambition, vision and mandate of its twelve member festivals.

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Edinburgh’s Festivals are Scotland’s world-leading cultural brands with expertise, vision, impact and international recognition unmatched by any other cultural events on the globe....read more

Edinburgh is the world's leading festival city, presenting an unforgettable mix of cultural experiences in an iconic and beautiful city. It is an astonishing place to live, offering for...read more

The work of Festivals Edinburgh, the ongoing success of Edinburgh’s Festivals and the continued development of Edinburgh’s reputation as the world’s Festival City is made...read more

Festivals Edinburgh has a 5 year Business Plan (March 2008-2013). This was based on some of the relationships, achievements and models of practice that Festivals Edinburgh established in its early...read more